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 The Dark Knight Begins - Story Line

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PostSubject: The Dark Knight Begins - Story Line   Tue Aug 12, 2008 11:29 am

hey guys, we now have our storyline for missions, in which i think is really good, included is the following...

4 Custom Missions (in which i hope can be completed soon)...

Vigilante Missions for tumbler and Batpod (done by me)

grapple gun codes (hopefully this is possible)

Jump and run codes (jump higher and run faster, soon i hope)


4 sub missions (Bruce Wayne trains in the Mount chilliad, joker fight to death, two-face fight to death, and scarecrow fight to death...)

others(idk yet, give me some idea. but keep them limited to no more/no less then 4 more missions/submissions Plz...

well here is what ive got so far for the main missions, the rest will come in later, and its sorta movie based, and then again, its my own creativity, so enjoy cheese...

Mission #1

"Taste of your own medicine Doctor!!!"

batman enters into the hospital in SF(aka Arkham Asylum), in search

of rachel das, whom has been kidnapped by Jonathan Crawn(Screcrow),

who has poisioned rachel das with his very 'Specail' toxic chemicals

and is making her see things that arent there, she is somewhere in

the hospital with crane and 5 body guards, its you job to find then

and take the body guards down first, then go after crane and rescue

rachel das But, stay as far away from security guards as possible, cause dont forget

they dont like batman, they think hes a criminal, and since the

guards are unaware of the hostage situation, they are everywhere

instead of just one place, make a stealthy move towards then, making

the go down with 1 hit on the neck, then, try and find crane and save

rachel das befoe the 6 mins timer goes up, if you dont defeat crane,

and his bodyguards within six minutes, you are auotmatticly caught be

the security guards and/or crane and his gaurds, and then rachel

dies, but, if you complete the mission, you will have another 8 mins

to get rachel das back to wayne manor, and into the batcave, before

she dies, but while shes being resuched, the cops are allertated, and

you have only 2 min to leave the hospital before the swat comes, once

they come youw ill have only seconds to to get into the tumbler,

then, you must drive back to the batcave before your wanted level

reaches 4 stars, meaning try to avoid all cars and cops and wreaks as

possible, cuase as soon as the cops see you, they will chase you, and

you must lose them before you reach the manor and batcave, ad then

save rachel and tell alfred that shes gonna need to go home, simular

to batman begins movie....

Mission #2

"Gotham Must Be Destroyed..."

bruce wayne is having a party, as ras al ghul is there, waiting and

watching him, he then tells bruce that hes gonna have to have

everyone leave, bruce agrees and decides to talk to ras al ghul, then

ras alghul knocks bruce down and tries to kill him, by burning down

his house jus tlike bruce did to him, then alfred, returning from

taking rachel home, saves bruce as they run to the libray and into

the elevator, which will take them to the batcave, then bruce puts on

his batsuit, and then gets into the tumbler and leaves the batcave to

find ras al ghul, he then finds him near a train station in

SF(cranberry station)and then they both jump into the moving train,

and then batman tries to fight ras but almost loses, so then batman

derails the train and jumps away from it as ras al ghul dies when the

train wreaks, batman then tells Lt. jim gordon that they havea chance

to save gotham and to restore it to its once peaceful city, but then

gordon tells batman they cannot find crane or any of the arkham

einmates, but that theres a new criminal to be more aware of, one

thats just like batman, and has killed 2 plp so far, and is waiting

for the perfect moment to strike, he calls himself the joker...

Mission #3

"Why So serious!!!!"

joker has just been spotted near the old wearhouse in SF, its your

job as batman to stop him from destroying the hospital in LS, in

which hes on the move in his bigrig and he is tring to kill harvey

dent inside of the armoured van, batman then jumps in the tumbler and

stops joker from destroying harvey and the cops in the van, then

batman ejects from the tumbler as it explodes with the batpod, then

batman makes joker flip his bigrig and then joker tryes to get away,

but comissioner gordon stops him, and gordon saves batman, batman

then returns back to the batcave and the new wayne manor, but then,

joker kidnaps havey dent and rachel das, after he escapes from jail,

batman is then alerted and is on the move in the batpod, but its too

late for rachel, cause joker has told then the wrong place for her,

and then she dies, as batman tries to save harvey dent, he is severly

burned as his place was, explodes, he then takes harvey to the

hosital for recovery....

Mission #4

"and Here we go!!"

batman has been tring to find joker, and with lucious fox help, they

find him in the carpark in SF, batman then tryes to stop the police

from killing the hostages that joker has got in place of his goons,

then batman fights joker, and joker falls to his death, or so they

thought, then batman is told by gordon in secret to come to where

rachel died, that harvey, now known only as Two-fac ehas his kids and

wife hostage with a gun to them, so gordon is kidnapped about the

same time, then batman kills harvey by pusing him off the edge of the

building, then batman runs away for his life as the cops and gordon

chase him, then batman returns to the batcave, and then rests from a

life of a vigilante, as he supossidly turns in his batsuit, and says

that batman is no more....

SO?, plz post comments and ideas, and i dont have acoder yet, i need one badly or else the mod might die, so plz someone willing to help, plz add me to MSN messenger, so we can talk, thankx and peace out guys

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PostSubject: Re: The Dark Knight Begins - Story Line   Tue Aug 12, 2008 5:36 pm

hey this is tight
I don't know how you're gonna do the 1 hit to the neck of the guards thing
but it sounds awesome
really nice storyline, tho some ppl who haven't seen Begins or TDK would have the story spoiled
but anyway, it's cool how u turned them stories to missions, keep it up
btw wasn't the girl's name Rachel Dawes and not "Das"
Razz don't worry tho, honest mistake
I hope the joker character comes out awesome Wink
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The Dark Knight Begins - Story Line
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