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 Question About Tattoos. (In-game).

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PostSubject: Question About Tattoos. (In-game).   Question About Tattoos. (In-game). Icon_minitimeTue Aug 26, 2008 9:41 pm

Quick Note: If anyone wants to move this to the help section or something go ahead.

Does anyone have a tutorial to tell us how to put custom tattoos into SA?

Or is there someone that can put some in for me, because there's a couple i really want.

Question About Tattoos. (In-game). 4f4b1011972834 Question About Tattoos. (In-game). 65605c11972837 Question About Tattoos. (In-game). 0120d011972839
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(There's no pics of them on a white background, and i'm no good with cutting parts out of images).

If there's anyone that could help, then i thank you.
(And if you think the last pic is a bit too much, edit this and take it down). Razz


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Question About Tattoos. (In-game).
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