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PostSubject: CarbonGear FaceOff Titles   CarbonGear FaceOff Titles Icon_minitimeSat Feb 23, 2008 1:08 pm

Here are the titles For the CarbonGear Faceoff 2008 expo.

CarbonGear FaceOff Titles Elite12
Level : Platinum
Clearance: 9+
No # : 5
Description: Given to only Five of the Top Mods, Elite5 is the ultimate title for the ultimate Modder makin him/her a Platinum Level Modder.

CarbonGear FaceOff Titles Blackn10
Level : Gold
Clearance: 8.5+
No # : 10
Description: Given to only Ten, the Blacknights symbolizes their amazing capability as a modder, naming him/her a Gold Level Modder

CarbonGear FaceOff Titles Westju10
Level : Silver
Clearance: 8+
No # : 15
Description: Given to only Fifteen, West Junkies mark their presence as a superior modder, becoming a Silver Level Modder

Winners of these titles will be put up in the Carbongear Faceoff 2008 Hall of Fame which will be hyperlinked via these banners.

CarbonGear FaceOff Titles Contes10

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CarbonGear FaceOff Titles
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